Quality Home-raised Ferrets


Best known for my 15 minutes of fame in the PBS film “Ferrets: Pursuit of Excellence”, I have been sheltering, showing and boarding for over 15 years. Located in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, I am usually at the Ferret Shows in the Midwest selling handmade ferret related items and making new friends.

I also enjoy breeding ferrets. I strive to produce healthy pets that can be altered later, when full grown. There is incredible joy and pride watching a kit mature to become someones beloved pet. Whenever possible I attach a webcam to the nursery cage to share those precious first months. I average only two litters a year because I want to be able to spend as much time as possible with each kit. Besides, there are plenty of ferrets in shelters that need homes too.

Image of Pam vanOverloop holding a Ferret